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06 May 2011 @ 11:10 pm
Footnotes: North America 2011 - Vancouver, May 6.  
One of the best things about traveling with one's family is talking. We ended up waking up at around 5 in the morning and just wandering around the room, talking. Heard some bad news over email with regard to jobs and the like the other night, but with that also came a sense of freedom. Mentioning it to my father brought up all sorts of nice quotes.

"When you plan you life, factor in the fact that you are not God."

"There are boundaries and there are obstacles in life. If it is an obstacle, goddamnit, fight it! If it's a boundary, respect it. Because you'll never win against a true boundary; you'll just get hurt."

"Since I'm imparting my wisdom to you, and you have no choice but to listen to me..."

"The curse of individualism is the lack of gratitude."

We drove down to Whistler after a light breakfast - the entire route was really, really pretty. I realized that you really can't describe the small and beautiful things about nature without seeing it first hand. The way the trees look, the layout of the mountains, the movement of the river... books will only give you so much, as will pictures.

Segue: before hitting the highway, dad drove us through our old neighborhood, from the exit on the highway to the shopping center mom used to do the groceries in to our old house, to my old school. It's really interesting how memories work; you just sort of dig them up if they've been sitting a while, and everything comes back in vague flashes. You also learn more about what your life was really like in the past many years after the fact. I suppose this happened to me because I was very young when I still lived in Canada, so there naturally wasn't a lot that I would've been told, or known about on my own.

After our little trip down memory lane, my parents decided to go for a quick stopover at Alice Lake, where my family used to go swimming during the summer. It was fucking cold, but beautiful. Bro and I kept our eyes peeled for squirrels, and ended up disappointed. The robins were cute.

Whistler has apparently changed a lot since the last time any of us have been there, and it's mostly due to the fact that they hosted the Winter Olympics last year. Had a great lunch in a pub (tried a Whistler Honey Lager; awesome stuff), then we went up on the lift. None of us were expecting a lot of snow. The long and short of it is, we got a fuck load of it. We even got snowed on, and went through a cloud. The silence was eerie; the landscape was haunting. Oh, and naturally, all of us frooze our asses off, but that in itself is a bonding experience.

We also got to see a black bear on the ride down from the mountain. Peter was amused at how he got to see a bear before, y'know, a squirrel.

On another note, being back in Canada really confirmed it. I love cities, beaches and desserts, but it's the strange, sometimes gloomy and always overpowering beauty of mountains and temperate countries that truly inspire me.

Everyone passed out en-route to the lodge - dad even had to pull over for a quick nap. Once we had changed, though, it was off to the house of one of my mom's very old friends. Her husband is an awesome cook (who ferments his own wine: how cool is that?) who fed us salmon (*A*!), chicken fingers and mashed potatoes. They were really happy to see us, especially my bro and I - we were wee little things the last time we came around.

Pretty much acclimatized to the timezone through sheer exhaustion and the like. Glad that I have net access at the moment. Helps me record things as they happen.
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