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08 May 2011 @ 11:32 pm
Footnotes: North America 2011 - Vancouver, May 8.  
Writing this after a surprise 3-hour nap and a good shower. Most of my morning was actually spent chilling out in bed, catching up with some folks on the Plurk end of town and doing a bit of writing. I was waiting for my parents and my brother to wake up; they did just a bit before noon. Not exactly as we all planned, but perhaps it was for the best. We've been moving at light speed these days.

Dad drove us down to Horsehoe Bay, which is a part of this lovely sea area called Howe Sound. We rented out a boat to take a look around - part of the attraction of the place, beyond the awesome scenery, are the seals, since they have a haul-out around 15-30 minutes away from the cove. It felt a bit like being in a Discovery channel show, looking at them chilling out on their rocks, under the sun. There were a lot of pretty birds too!

We took our time after that, circling through the area and checking up on interesting places marked down on the map that the personnel at Sewell's Marina gave us. Good thing too, because we were lucky enough to stumble upon a whole pod of dolphins on our way back! The lot of them stayed with us for a good ten minutes, and mom and my bro were busy snapping photos and taking videos of them leaping up into the air and swimming around. Our luck stayed with us on the next detour, since we spotted a heron in flight and we got to get up close and personal with five deers that were grazing close to the shoreline.

No worries: I have pictures for later.

Since it was too late to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge, we just ended up wandering around town as soon as we landed. There was this adorable family of Canadian Geese on the beach - the male goose was all vigilant and stuff, eying the people who got a little too close (like me) while his wife and kids shuffled around for food. We then ate dinner at this restaurant that's apparently been there for the past twenty or so years (mom recognized the place; excellent lamb, it has), then topped it off with dessert at Baskin & Robbins (chocolate chip cookie dough + red velvet cake ice cream = best).

The more I go around here, the more I realize that it's Vancouver's scenery that I've been looking for my entire life. Everything about it, from the general landscape to the finer details, touches me in ways that nothing else has before.
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