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10 May 2011 @ 11:45 pm
Footnotes: North America 2011 - Vancouver, May 9-10.  
Woke up with a sore throat - it already felt raw the other evening, but it was worse by the time I was up. Parents decided to cancel our Victoria day trip and take my bro and I downtown instead. Dad took the car down to the station on the north end, and we took a ferry over to Gas Town. Spent the rest of the time walking, since our parents wanted to show my bro and I around while they ran some errands.

The city of Vancouver's just as pretty as the scenery, which is quite a feat for a place, if you ask me. The best part about wandering is being able to look at all the smaller details rather than the bigger picture, and, if you're in good company, occasionally talking about whatever comes to mind. There is also a special joy in strolling down a street with hot chocolate at hand and the wind on your face.

Of course, I might just be feeling romantic about that. It's probably something that a whole lot of people get to do down here. Try that in Manila, and... well.

Our next stop was Capilano Suspension Bridge. The park has seriously expanded and organized itself since the last time any of us were there. It doesn't JUST have the bridge; it has exhibits on the history of the place, and this really awesome path way that they strung up between the trees, allowing you to see things from a much higher vantage point. Peter and I were on the lookout for animals, and while my bro didn't get to see his racoon, we did spot a lot of birds and a pair of mallard ducks.

Passed out again early since I wasn't feeling too good - Mom and Peter went off to buy dinner at Earl's while my Dad kept me company. Woke up after three hours to kick ass chicken fritters and fries. Not much else to say about THAT, though, since I went to sleep for real after eating.

Now I'm up again at a decent time, and feeling worlds better. We're going to do another round around town, I think, since it's too risky for us to take that day trip to Victoria at this point.

First stop we made was over at the Museum of Anthropology within the University of British Columbia (which, by the way, has an incredibly huge campus). All of the stuff in their collection brought me back to my grade school days in Canada - they're really big on racial awareness and the conservation of what they now call the First Nations people. Wandered around a lot, spotted the exhibit they had on the Philippines, and bought myself a really nifty pewter necklace~

Dad brought us over to the house of an old family friend of his, and he and his wife treated us out to lunch at Fortune Garden, this awesome Chinese restaurant close to Granville. It was really, really pleasant, since Dad's friend really reminds me of Dad (they even say the same taglines), and his wife is vivacious and engaging. They went with us to Granville and toured us around before we stopped over for dessert. Peter and I got to feed the pigeons after we were done, which is kind of something that I've been itching to do since I was little.

Forgot to mention: we spotted a pair of American bald eagles en-route to Fortune Garden. Peter and I are still holding out for that racoon.

The lot of us parted ways close to dinner time; we headed back to the lodge so that my folks could prepare for another dinner with friends of theirs. Peter and I were supposed to tag along, but I was tired, and somebody needed to keep me company. Ended up sleeping for a long time (I do that a lot these days), and the bro bought me dinner from Earl's sometime before I woke up for real. We've just been chilling out now, occasionally watching stuff, occasionally packing.

We'll be off to Toronto tomorrow, which means another timezone, a colder place and my third older bro, with family. I'm feeling a lot better now, but it'd be awesome if I could stop sniffling.
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